Piles Cure

Diet Chart

Step 1: 1st Breakfast 

Take Breakfast by midnight Minimum 4 Types Of Fruits, For Example, Apple Mango Banana papaya Guava, etc.
The quantity depends on your body weight

50 Kg 500 Gram
60 Kg 600 Gram 
70 Kg 700 Gram 
80 Kg  800 Gram 
90 Kg  900 Gram 
100 Kg  1 Kilo Gram 


Your breakfast should consist only of fruits neither tea nor coffee nor roti.

Step 2: 2nd Lunch & Dinner 

you Take 2 plates at Lunch & Dinner time 1st Plate minimum 4 Types Of Raw Vegetables & Leaves 2nd Plate your choice  For 1st Plate Example. Cucumber, Carrot
Radish, Onion, cauliflower 2nd Plate Example Rice plate Chapati, etc....

1st Plate Quantity depends on your body weight 

50 Kg 250 Gram
60 Kg 300 Gram 
70 Kg 350 Gram 
80 Kg  400 Gram 
90 Kg  450 Gram 
100 Kg  500 Gram 

 Take the first 1st plate then 2nd plate Quantity on your choice.

Piles Cure